What does he mean by "hang out"?

There is a guy at work that I flirt with every time that we work together. Yesterday we were flirting and two co-workers actually called us out on it but I walked away before I could see his reaction. Today he wasn't acting himself. We normally are sarcastic with each other when we talk and tease each other, but today he was nice to me all day. When we were putting dishes away he asked me if I was working Tuesday and if I wasn't we should "hang out." Is this a date? Does it means he likes me? The issue is that I wouldn't consider him "my type" aka he drinks and smokes... I don't know what to do.. Help please!!! :-)

We're going mini golfing and seeing a movie. Is it still not a date?


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  • "Hang out" doesn't mean a date necessarily but he is using it as an excuse to get to know you outside of work. Typically, a guy would ask you to "go out", if he means it in a romantic way. I've asked many co-workers to hang out and, while I would have liked it to be a date, I meant it as a hang out. Perhaps, the hang out can lead to a date in the future.


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  • I think so. Guys use the hangout terminology just to act cool and casual. The guy I'm dating right now referred to it as hanging out, but yesterday, he dropped the 'd' word as in 'date.' So I think those words are interchangeable. If he's asking about your schedule and wants to know when you're free, it's definitely his way of asking you on a date.


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  • Keep it clear 👍
    Tell him you see him only as a friend and he isn't your type :P

    • Is it mean to say that he isn't my type?

    • Nope
      If he's a mature guy he'll understand
      at least keeping it clear will make him think straight and he won't assume things

  • He means "Perform a sex act together."

    He wants to bone you.

  • Sounds like just a normal day out with a friend


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