22 year old virgin and I am almost 23?

I am a 22 yo virgin and I am almost 23. I have never had a girlfriend and never had sex. I have been rejected all my life by women, both in person and online. I go out a lot with my friends as much as possible, while trying to get to know new people. I go to college, have a job and workout. I have used at least 6 different dating sites, with no one willing to talk to me and of course not a single date. I have used the tinder app many times over the past three years and have never got a legitimate match. All the matches I received are bots and 3 matches of women that I had absolutely no attraction too, even after swiping right constantly to thousands of matches in different cities and countries. I really think that I am at least average looking. I have never really got any attention from women all my life, but I can recall on four separate occasions, where my friends both female and male told me that I was attractive, but this does not mean anything, as this has only happened four times in my entire life. I am always smiling, caring and selfless. I know some of you would say that you can't act desperate when interacting with women, but that is the last vibe that I would give to a woman. I feel very alienated, can someone please help me, I do not know what to do anymore 😞


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  • Give it a break. As you said you've tried 6 dating apps. And you seem to be focusing on it. Especially as yoy can count how many times people have said your attractive... it'll happen when it's meant to.
    Also tinder a bad idea when it comes for relationships since its a hook up site

    • I have tried just one dating this year. Should I be questioning my looks, if I have been unsuccessful with tinder?

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    • :) well that's a good start though

    • Should I be doing more

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  • Hmm... I would've said it's okay if you didn't really go out or put yourself out there, but it seems like you have. Maybe you came across as too desperate? You need to have a definitive personality that defines you.

    Anyway, don't feel bad about being a virgin at 23 bro. You've got a PLENTY of time. It's not a shameful thing unlike how our society tries to portray it as. Go at your own pace, and with your own flow.

    • I don't think I act desperate man. I think I do have a definitive personality. Early 20's is the peak time of a man's life to getting women, where else would be a better time

    • That's not true at all lol. Trust me.

    • What's not true

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  • Dude I'm 25 and I've never even kissed a guy.

    • Why is that

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    • @Regulatus it isn't my choice

    • No girl can go unkissed unless that's what she wants. You're not in a hospital now.

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  • I recommend prostitutes.

    • The last thing I would do

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    • You're life, son. Do as you feel best.

    • Thanks for your input Regulates

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