Can you be single by choice for the your whole life?

why am I giving up?

Well. You always have to do everything first and do it for a long time so you get 5% of what you gave back.

I'll give an analogy here (pencils can be favor, effort points etc...)

You give her 10 pencils. She breaks 5, uses 3 completely and gives you back 3, one being from her.
So 10 for 1.

Then she gives you 2 the next time you do that.

Then 3

then when she gets 7, she asks why aren't you paying attention to her. Like the 10 you give her isn't enough anymore and then you reset.

Guys get fooled or are just satisfied with the pencils given back. Well fuck it man.

I can text a girl 100 times first and she won't ever text me, unless it's something really important.
These days both men and women have their partner for convenience.


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  • You're clearly dating shitting women my friend, because let me tell you: I am no "giving back three pencils" kind of girl. I give 110% to a guy, but here's a thing: it doesn't come easy.

    Winning somebody's complete and total affection takes more than being willing to text first. Most guys will do that, it doesn't make you special or deserving of any special treatment. Mind you, I believe girls should take initiative too, but you have to keep in mind that when you're feeling each other out in the beginning stages, you might meet girls who are hesitant to reach out because they have yet to decide if they like you yet. And if they aren't ever texting you, or reaching out, or returning your affection...

    It's because they don't like you. It isn't because they are looking for a "convenient" partner, they are looking for a worthy one who they actually want to be with. No girl will just hand over everything you want just because you've put forward the minimal effort and think you deserve it. It should go the same for guys.

    Give up if you want, but you're the one who will be missing out.

    • never date. never been kissed. jokes on you XD

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    • I didn't actually say somebody who doesn't text you first doesn't like you,

      I was suggesting that if you text somebody, show interest as much as you claim you are, then yes, that person doesn't like you. Does that mean everybody on the face of this planet doesn't like you? No, but the girls you pursued clearly didn't, it happens, that's life. It doesn't, at least to me, constitute giving up.

      But then again, like I said, that's your choice entirely.

    • girls and friends combined* though.

      They all say they like me though even if they don't text me first.
      They invite me to things but I have to be in person with them.

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  • Your analysis is so absolutely fatally flawed that I think you are desperately wanting to convince yourself that you are right, so. . . I won't try to rob you of your justification.

    • True.
      It's hard trying to convince myself with this though.

      But I have to make a decision based on my experiences.

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    • we have to be equal is the reality that never happens because everyone is greedy these days.

    • why don't they try to talk to a guy instead of using chemicals to look fake as hell?

      That's what guys do and it works. I bet it would work better if they talk instead of luring.

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  • Dude, girls don't like pencils... maybe that's where you're going wrong?

  • It's not easy to find a good partner - all I'm gonna say. Reason to give up - no. Are you gonna be sad and bitter? yes. But than again love is the only true happiness and without it is no good either. Don't give up but rather think of things you want in a partner and don't settle for anythign less.

  • Anyone can do anything by choice


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