How to deal with Strict mom & Date?

To make this short I will be 23 at the end of this month and I have no choice, but to live with my parents right now. My mom is very overprotective and controlling when it comes to me having a Social Life.

For example, the other night when she was sleeping I walked down the street to meet up with a friend at 2am just to talk. She woke up at 4am looking for me & calling my phone nonstop. She came outside to find me & forced me to go home. Now she's looking for a residential mental program for me to stay at.

She won't "let me" visit my friend in another part of the city, and she doesn't want me out late with him. He works everyday and gets off late so that's the only time we can really hangout. I could take a Uber straight to him in the morning before he has work, she still has a problem with that!

Whenever I ask to do something she says NO and makes up all these crazy dramatic things that will happen if I go. What advice do you guys have and how should I deal with this?


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  • Your mom is crazy. Until you are able to break away from your mom, hide everything. Be really shady to her.

    • I have been doing that. She just threatens to call the police on me and commit me to a Mental Hospital

    • But you're an adult so you have the right to refuse to go to a mental hospital. Push her to those limits.

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  • tell her that. you have your own life, you are mature. you can understand things and take responsibilites. probably she won't listen :p

    • You're right she didn't listen, we had a long talk and she doesn't think I am smart enough to do anything alone.

    • maybe ask her to prove yourself and show her you are smart enough or take help of your other family members. also you can ask her why she is thinks you are not ready

  • Just don't tell your mother you do dates

    • I don't tell her which is why I snuck out in the first place. She was about to call the Police on me so I had to go home

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