Might be kinda long, bear with me. So two years ago I talked to this but I just couldn't make myself interested in him but he was head over heels for me. I broke things off with him and we ended up going to prom together as friends. I left prom early and he said I "ditched" him and he hated me after that. Well I apologized for everything and we hung out as friends a few more times through the past year. Well we were a party and he was drunk and talking to my best friend saying that I was gorgeous and he was gonna marry me and how he wanted a chance with me so I decided to give him one and he kept asking me to hangout but I was out of town but one day he snapchatted me and he was with a girl and I was like well I did want to hangout with you and all this but long story short he stopped talking to her and I started coming around. After I started coming around, it was like he lost interest and I had to chase him. This went on for weeks. He was sketchy and annoying and I found out he was interested in my friend and I started crying in front of him and a bunch of stuff went down. Well about a week later he apologized to me for everything and then we were fine for about 3 days then he started acting sketchy towards me and told my friend he just didn't know if he liked me or not. We ended up hooking up and everything was chill with us and yesterday he was on his phone constantly talking to someone and it was that girl I mentioned earlier. He asked me to stay with him and then when we went to bed he was kinda weird acting. He didn't really wanna cuddle or anything but he kissed me goodnight and said he was tired and had to wake up early which was true but I texted him and said have a good day at work and he said "thank ya". I'm so confused on what to do. Why doesn't he like me?


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  • It may be because you took too long to figure out that you liked him back and now that you do, he has moved on to another girl.

    Sounds like he's playing you and your emotions. Some guys get really interested with girls and once they have her, they lose interest. I say drop him

  • He got his revenge