Do you think that people who are good at business are also good at dating?

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  • no
  • explain otherwise
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  • Hahahhhahaha fuuuuuucccckkk no.

    Look dude... I understand the correlations you're talking about, but... the whole premise of this question is the idea that people are, well, *consistent*.
    And, obviously, they aren't.

    NO ONE is consistent.

    I mean, here are 5 other questions along the same lines as this one.

    • Do people with super-organized computer desktops also have extremely neat rooms and houses?
    • Are socially dominant people also sexually dominant?

    • If someone gets really annoyed by other people's crying babies, will she/he get really annoyed by her/his OWN crying babies?

    • If someone is good at business budgeting, will she/he be good at personal budgeting?

    • If someone is meticulous about choosing her work wardrobe, will she also be meticulous about choosing her leisure clothes?

    The answers, of course, are "not necessarily", "not necessarily", "not necessarily", "not necessarily", and "not necessarily".


    Dude, EVERYONE is inconsistent, and EVERYONE picks and chooses where to direct certain kinds of attention.

    I mean... even Hitler himself -- yep, Hitler, who few would believe capable of compassion -- kept his beloved pet dog with him all the way to the bitter end, until the day he killed himself.
    How 'bout that. The guy who engineered the deaths of 6 million, and the dispossession and ghettoization of however many million more (and God knows what he'd have done if the Axis had WON the war)... had nearly bottomless compassion for a pet dog.


    I mean, honestly, people are so inconsistent that it's already rare enough for people to be consistent WITH THEMSELVES, in exactly the SAME situations, from day to day. Let alone *diverse* situations.

    Let's be serious here.

    I mean... don't you know any wildly successful businesspeople with a trail of failed marriages and disaffected partners behind them? I know LOTS of them dude.

    And, honestly, of the most sexually successful men I know***, exactly ZERO are super good at business -- or even really give much of a shit about their careers, either.
    I mean... attention is finite. And if you're a man who can pretty much fuck whatever woman you want whenever you want, why would you even bother paying much attention to career-building? LOL... unless it just falls in yr lap, of course.

    (***I'll refrain from talking about women here, since trying to define a woman's sexual success is opening a giant fucking can of worms.)

    • yes, that makes sense. as always i value your opinion. i just thought that maybe business people were more assertive in business so they would more assertive in their relationships too. i thought before this question that dating and business was very similar, but now think that they are quite different from one another.

    • They do have many similarities, but that isn't the point. The point is that there's no reason to expect anyone to be consistent across both areas -- even if they were *identical*. (And the whole "finite attention" thing works against that, too.)

    • i see. that was very helpful, thank you.

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  • it's apples an oranges.


What Girls Said 3

  • I think there's something to that - if they're truly really good. They tend to have better than average social/communication skills.

    The time commitment of dating and a relationship can be a problem, though. One of the guys I dated, he was into founding start-ups. So he'd get people to invest in an idea, build it up, sell it to a bigger company when it got successful enough, and then start the next project. He loves it, but he worked like 100+ hours a week. Barely had any free time. Which really didn't work for me.

  • I work in the business world and have a wonderful girlfriend. It's all about time management.

  • Um.

    I would say the opposite if anything


What Guys Said 3

  • Not necessarily. They're two different things.

    • they are very much alike you know. i mean if a girl and a guy are interested in dating romantically but one of the partners is not getting what they want one of them will potentially walk away, it is the same in business. if one of both parties does not get what they want from a deal they can potentially walk away. it depends on how assertive they are, so i believe that if you are assertive in business that you can be assertive in a relationship as well, thus getting what you want without disregarding your partner or the other party's needs or desires.

    • Yeah, it makes sense. The ammount of effort and things you have to do to "please your partner" are very much different though. A person can be extremely effective when dealing with a business partner and suck at find a partner for himself/herself. I think that even though the theory in both worlds is similar, they work differently.
      One is more professional, the other one is more emotional.

    • yeah thats true, i think that women are harder (like being stubborn) to get what they want from a relationship.

  • Yeah, it's about tact and shit.

  • nah not neccesarily, u got some some buisness people who r single