Online dating... how much to communicate with a new dating prospect?

First off, let me say that I am completely aware that I am a girl and that I overthink everything, so please do not tell me something that I already know. My question is related to online dating. A little background: I began messaging a guy on an online dating app about a week ago. He seemed really interested and we hit it off, talking about a lot of different things (both serious and not) and flirting quite a bit. We messaged back and forth for a few hours each day until yesterday. We very briefly messaged each other two nights ago, but I couldn't keep talking because I was out with a friend. So I told him to message me the next day (my yesterday) and he said ok. However, he never messaged me. Now this is the second day in a row that he hasn't. I feel like I put the ball in his court by asking him to message me. So... my question is: can I message him or should I wait to see what he does? Also, how much communication do you think should be occurring at such an early stage in what may not even turn into a relationship? Should we be communicating once a day?

P. S. He works very long hours, but he has messaged me at least a little bit during work before.

So.. a guy I'm interesting in might be a better way to put it than "dating prospect"


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  • communicate as much as possible, let him know you actually want him (if you do) if you dont contact enough a guy will move on, and think your not interested, or think your making him out to be a big joke. same thing goes for online and offline dating.

    • So even though I told him to message me and he hasn't, it won't seem "clingy" if I message him?

    • you girls really gotta stop worrying about being "clingy" like its a bad thing. because its not, when a girl is clingy it means she really wants the guy and guys love it, (i know i do) the only guys who dont are players because players just want to use girls for sex and move to the next.
      so message him already. dont be afraid. and if he doesn't like it than he's a jerk/player. and that means you find another guy.

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  • It's the 21st century, message him!! I had an experience like that where I was like hmm I want to wait for him to message me, no just message him. I ended up messaging him and it became pretty good, later on the guy told me that men actually like the girls to initiate too. So just message him!!

    • Girls are so lucky. They can end up single for the rest of there livestock and it can somehow still be a guys fault.

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    • How many time have you heard a women say "men need to man up" that's there way of saying I'm single because men aren't men anymore.

    • I'm not saying man need to man up, I'm telling girls to initiate

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  • 1. Don't stand on any formalities about "it's his turn." If you want to talk, message him.

    2. Do you want a pen pal or a date? You should be moving forward and scheduling your first meeting.

  • If you have to call men dating prospects you probabaly won't be scoring too much tbh.


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  • Just don't worry that much about it. It depends on the person, but I usually don't send loads of messages.

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