Is he avoiding me or want me to chase him?

I've been talking to one guy for a few months before we got to meet up. I was going through some problems and he was patient. He was texting me on a weekly basis... Once he came to pick me up but he was an hour late so I fell asleep. He reacted very emotional saying I wanted him to drive around like an idiot but he said next time he would be on time. After a while, he stopped messaging me so I messaged him after many weeks - I actually did 3 times. So we finally met up almost two months ago and he was on time. I enjoyed the night with him. Just talking and he mentioned a kiss and was touching me gently but I wasn't ready. He told me to message him when I get home. I did. He messaged me back. Since then, he messaged me first like twice and I did three times. The last two times were when I messaged him first. The first time I said hello and he replied hello. But when I said we could meet up if he had some time after I was done with the exams and I got no reply. I messaged him two weeks later saying "hey what's up I hope everything is okay. You've been absent" he messaged me back very quickly saying he was with his family and was involved in his brother's wedding preparations so he was busy". I just replied congratulations. It's been two weeks now and I haven't heard from him. Is he avoiding me or not aware that I like him so he doesn't want to be rejected? Shall I chase him as he was chasing me in the beginning or leave him so he might come back if he liked me enough.


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  • Don't chase anyone, they don't want to be caught.

    Stop overthinking this. He's being distant. Guys that are really into a girl don't behave like this. Stop initiating the texts because I'm sure you'll be waiting a long time for him to contact you, if ever. Accept that he's not into you that much and move on.


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