What do guys look for specifically in a woman?


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  • Physical/sexual attraction (whatever floats his boat).

    That usually is going to heavily revolve around looks and charisma. Sometimes even a girl that only has a mildly good first impression, can, however, become far more physically attractive to a guy as he gets to see her more often and in a variety of situations or in a sexy outfit or something.

    After that sexual attraction is there, it's usually personality preference which can vary a lot more wildly. Some will want like a servant and devoted housewife, some will want independence and ambition. Some like girls who are somewhat clingy and will take over his house and get paranoid if they don't hear from the guy in a while, many hate that.

    All will generally want a girl with whom they can get along very well -- whatever traits may yield that behavior.

  • A down-to-earth girl. She has a positive outlook on life, is a free spirit. She's confident and can be open with her feelings. because I'm her boyfriend, she should be able to talk to me about things she's troubled with. She can be her silly self when she’s with me. She can be playful, but serious when she has to. And she’s striving to become a better version of herself every day!
    During fights she can keep her cool, she can keep her emotions under control so we can all talk it out in a mature way.
    She is able to see the good in me, when I lost it.
    Not a ‘girly’ girl, but more a tomboy 
    I like a girl who does something of sports. A healthy girl. A non smoker
    Hairstyle: I like it long, or a bit past the shoulder. I prefer dark hair colors
    Eyes: beautiful eyes to look at, you know?
    Smile: a smile that makes you smile back
    Body shape: this differs a little. i like women with a slim body, but not Too skinny. Like this one:
    A bit inbetween, you know? When the curves are still visible, you’re still hella attractive to me 
    And about slim women. I’m not attracted to girls who are too skinny: like I’d get the feeling that you’re so fragile that you’ll break if you’d fall down or something. Here’s an example of a slim girl’s body shape that I find attractive:


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  • A sense of humor, if she is funny. If she is not crude but sweet. If she is smart and her attitude (how she carries herself). I always attract men with my opinionated nature and humor.