Is he just not that into me?

(Skip to last paragraph if not intrested in the whole story) week ago I found my middle school friend on facebook, crush-ish (M).
So during middle school I got along with everyone. I don't remember how I met M but I'm sure he had a thing for me. He would always bother me for no reason. Our friendship was good. Remind you I was a grade higher then him but i was the same age as him. He never made a move then I went off to highschool and forgot about him. One year pass and here he comes walking down the hallway. In highschool a lot of my friends left me, and i closed off some of them. Made new friends but it was a small group and kind of the "loner" group, he was in the popular group. So one day i was walking with my friend down the hall and there he was walking towards us with his group. And then i saw him tell his friends something and they kind of moved off to the side as he approached me. Blocking my way and then I gave him the glare and he walked away. I guess you can say i pushed him out of my life too. I was a cold shady bitch. So he never bothered me anymore after that situation.
Now fast forward to last week. I found him on facebook. Took him a week to accept the request. Then i messaged him like wats up how u been? And he just isn't replying. Is he still mad at what i did? Is he over the whole thing and just not into me?


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  • That first approach could have been one of two things. First it could have been his friends pushing him, as a spoof. The other is what I'm leaning towards, they pushed him because he was mentioning you and they were tired of hearing about it and made him, make his move.
    Your action in the first and/or the second scenario would have affected hin the same way. Like he was a nothing. That feeling sucks, I've had it pulled on me. It wasn't till I was older were I relized it's not that big of a deal. Plus I had 2 of the girls tell me years later they were sorry, they felt they were getting set up.


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  • I think that because you two have grown and changed so much over the years, he isn't into you anymore.
    You giving him that look as he walked toward you, he may have taken that as a sign to stay away from you. Though he may have just been heading over to say Hi, or ask how you are, as he probably remembers you.

    Crushes don't last forever. I think that glare toward him gave him the hint he needed, that you didn't want him around any longer and he accepted it. That's probably why he took so long to confirm the friend request on FB.

    I'd say, keep it casual if you do run into him in person. If he hasn't responded to your messages, it doesn't sound like he's into you anymore. Things change, people mature, and feelings depart and venture. He's most likely over the entire thing and moved on. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    • First off thanks for reading the whole thing and replying. Very much appreciated.
      So just wait for him to reply back don't go too crazy? He was on just 5 mins ago. Lol no reply though that's why i assumed he might be still mad or over.

    • You're very welcome.
      It very well could be he has held onto the grudge with you, but that's not usually the case. Especially since middle school we're all young and we are just figuring things out, along with ourselves too. Those grudges usually end by the grade year haha, but anything's possible.

      Give it time and see what happens. He know's you messaged him, and now its his choice to reply or not. If he doesn't reply, I'd take it as a hint that he isn't interested in talking, and perhaps not being friends again either. Try not to let it bother you, just do what you do online, and wait it out.
      He might have something to say to you if he sees you again in person. You never know.