Do you ever get fed up and write sarcastic/cynical online dating descriptions?

I really hate online dating because I guess I don't have a look that is desirable enough to women for online dating lol like tinder

so every once in awhile I get annoyed and write something bashing it all in a way that amuses me but I'm probably the only one who finds it funny.

My latest haha -

"Fun Fact 😀 this is not how you are supposed to meet someone because this lacks chemistry and feels robotic.

But fuck can't seem to meet anyone worthwhile besides alcoholics and dumb club sluts woo hoo.

So I guess I'm resorting to a hook app with a bunch of girls looking for validation/attention or swiping right to guys with basic generic looks who had photos taken by a professional photographer.

I guess I gotta get that pidgeotto haircut to keep up with Jones oh boy can't wait 😋"

  • That's salty af... True but salty, I don't think it's going to get matches
  • That's awesome, I'd swipe right.
  • Dude, hot pics - all that matters
  • I don't know, I think it's funny
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  • That's awesome, I'd swipe right.


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  • Already beat you to it and I have tons of replies. It's fun to screw with the chicks.
    Enjoy yourself because it's fun.

    • Just took a wack mirror selfie wearing a tie dye t shirt and a Pokemon beanie... Fucking ready to slay.

  • Hey... if you're meeting someone to at the very least get laid, you're fine dude. I've been using it as well and somehow met two girls that weren't sluts, but they quickly grew disinterested anyway.

    • How well did you get to know them... How many dates did you get?

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    • So just keep the beginning paragraph and delete the rest?

    • ""Fun Fact this is not how you are supposed to meet someone"

      Just leave that in my opinion

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