After 1 1/2 years apart should we give it a second shot?

We broke up early last year. Most of the anger came post break up. He's been in a few relationships since and he seems to find his way back to me and I turn him down. I haven't dated or at least nothing serious. But recently he and I went on 2 dates and had a great time together. But I could tell he still had something between the last girl and him. And he even said he's stuck between us and him and her. The girl broke up with him because she doesn't want a boyfriend but they have hung out since they broke up. There relationship only lasted 2 months by the way. I told him what i thought and how i felt and that I'm not going to stand in the way. He said ok. And that he was sorry. And he has had a great time hanging out with me. Its obvious there is still a spark between he and I. It was instant laughs and stares at each other. Just like when we first started being a couple. It wasn't at all forced or awkward. I don't know if i should be patient or let him go?


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  • Hmm naturally the other girl made up her mind. Its honestly pleasant to see a girl not vindictive like all the guys/girls our age. Anyways i would be patient. Naturally for me, once an ex always an ex. But he must be really good for you.


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  • You have to let him go. He's only using you for a rebound. It is never okay to be in a position where it is me or her. If he has to choose than he's not worthy of you. He's clearly moved on if he has had quite a few relationships since your brakeup. Notice that he comes back to you whenever a realationship ends.