My ex boyfriend from high school has contacted me?

So here's the deal... My ex boyfriend (who was also my first love) has recently contacted me. We've been in touch here and there throughout the years but I have usually been the one to reach out to him. When we broke up, it wasn't the least bit pleasant. Although we've managed to forgive each other and have made peace. Well I was married for about 7 years and he's always been in a relationship as well. I've been divorced for almost a year now and he's recently single. He was engaged for quite sometime. Well out of the blue he just messaged me almost 3 weeks ago. He's been messaging me everyday, all day! We have flirted here and there but don't make things weird or awkward. I'm just unsure of what he's looking for or why all of a sudden he seems somewhat interested again. He's military so he doesn't live here anymore so it's messaging, calls, and video calling. I'm just kind of confused and don't want to ask and make things weird. If nothing comes out of this, I'd still like to have a friendship with him. He's a great guy and I've always admired him after all these years. Not saying I'm hoping something comes of this. I honestly simply enjoy his company for what it is. He's also a little bit different than most guys I've dated since I've been seperated and divorced. Which I have to add, dating in this day and age is horrible! What happened to the world? Lol that's another story.. Back to the real question.. For instance, He actually carries on conversations and doesn't seem to get bored of the all day, everyday messages and what not. Maybe he's just lonely or something along those lines. I'm just unsure. He also still has some of those old values I lived by and still do that this generation seem to lack. So my question fellas, what do you think he wants with me? Should I ask? What your opinions on this?


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  • One consideration here is why you guys broke up in the first place? Cause you do not wanna get yourself back in something that will repeat itself so make sure to consider that you both have grown and mature during that time apart.

    As for what he wants, since he just got out of an engagement- he probably is just reaching out for companionship because he is lonely. But best to ask him personally so you can get a better picture of where he is headed with this.