Why does it always end up this way?

I seem to be on a constant loop of meeting someone , seeming to have great connection with them , but them never getting back to me , this isn't hit and quit type situations as I don't put out easily lol but I can't understand how for the night or date these men can't keep hands , eyes or focus off me but then I won't hear from them again , just feel is it me or is this a general thing now where dating etc is concerned? Because I feel like giving up on finding someone as however great a chemistry we have , and it isn't in my head , some of these connections have had that butterflies in belly and fired up soul feel but still never goes anywhere and the guys say they want to see me again and are incessant pursuers until dates , I'm just really confused 😔


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  • sounds like loads of physical chemistry but no mental stuff... Dont let them be all over you on a first date either

    • Yeah I don't mean hands all over me like that lol like tactile touches of arms etc and we talk about a vast range of things , even our pasts , family life etc I think I'm not cut out for dating 😐

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    • So there is hope out there 😊

    • yeah... He is really lovely and we message all day every day (its the 3rd week) I think I have fallen for him massively

  • Happens to me too. Maybe commitment scares them off

    • I wouldn't mind just dating , hanging out not full on relationship but dont even get chance for that 🙄

    • Oh then maybe they lose interest fast because you weren't what they thought?

      I don't know the ones that lose interest in me fast are usually the ones that I want. The other guys wanna hang out with me but I'm not interested. Maybe you act differently around them

    • Yes the same is probably true , the ones I really like or have that special chemistry with are the ones that do that , I have guys who would hang out but as you say they aren't the ones I want ior have that special buzz with and I wouldn't want to lead anyone on 😐

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