friends with benefits says he loves me but doesn't feel a spark... What do I do?

So I say friends with benefits but we've met the parents, I stay over at his nights in a row, we talk everyday etc so it's "best friends with benefits". we had a talk last night and he said he loves me for me but he's just missing something to make it more than what we have and doesn't want to lead me on.

weve both decided to keep doing what we're doing because we are so happy when we're together. I DONT WANT TO LEAVE HIM. Let me make that clear he makes me so happy and I do for him.

what can I do? Is there anything? What does he mean by "he loves me for me"?


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  • So, he doesn't want to "officially" commit, even though you guys act like you're a couple anyway. Hmm. That's probably because he's got some commitment issues and wants a little plausible deniability, I think. Meaning, it's easier to back out if you lose interest or find someone else, because you can just say "well, technically we were just friends with benefits..." even though you know it was more than that.

    I'm not sure there's anything you can really do. If you're happy and want to stay with him regardless, then keep going, nothing wrong with that. But if it starts eating at you, you might need to be willing to leave.

    • He hasn't committed to me because there's something missing (the spark) but he loves me anyway... I know the logical thing would be to walk away but emotionally i really can't do it

      Thankyou for your response, I thought I'd get ones that would just say walk away but you actually understand <3

    • You're very welcome. Yeah, the way I see it, people and relationships can get complex. There's not an easy, simple answer to everything.

      Hope things work out one way or another, and good luck. :)

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