I'm Worried about my boyfriend Advice?

I am dating this guy right now he is super sweet and nice and funny. He is in the military and overseas right now so it is hard for us to have an actual relationship together. We have been seeing each other for about 3 months now and it is like we are best friends because we tell each other anything no matter how innapropriate or personal it may be. He is trying to make something in his life stable right now because he is only stationed where I live and nothing is stable for him right now. We tried to hang out as much as we could together before he left but something always ended up getting in the way he did not care how much time we had to spend together as long as he was able to see my face and know that I still liked him. He told me last minute that he was leaving because he did not want me to freak out and think that he is not coming back. He also told me that when he comes back we were going to be in an actual relationship together. Since he has been gone though we have not been able to communicate with each other because we both do not have phones so we have to communicate through tinder and it is hard because half or the time the app does not work so we do not get each other's response for a long time or we are both too busy to respond (it is just a mess). The last thing that he said to me was "Are you still waiting for me?" I told him yes. I am just having anxiety right now because we have not talked to each other for 4 weeks and I do not want him to think that I am not talking to him anymore or I am not going to wait for him anymore. I am trying to stay positive and hope that when he comes back he is going to still want to be with me but it is hard because we have not talked to each other so there are a bunch of uncertaincy going on. I just want to know that he still wants to be with me but I guess I will not know until he comes back in 3 months Advice?


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  • Try talking to him about it

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