What more does he want?

I been talking to this guy for 8 months it was an on and off thing. I wasn't sure what I wanted and we didn't hang out as much. Recently we been hanging out a lot and we both have mutual feelings. He's liked me since beginning we met and told me he would wait for me to be ready for a relationship. Now I'm showing more affection than before and telling him how I feel. He's a good person and I'm liking him more and more. There's time where we had little arguments usually over the lack of hanging out and this time it was about me not showing affection. I went over and we both were excited to see each other but I came right after school which I was so tired from we just watched movies cuddled a little bit then I moved to his bed while he layed on the bean bag. I guess that made him think I'm not into him. But I really am I just wanted to lay down hoping he would lay with me. He got all upset afterwards. But what more can I show we haven't had any sexually intimacy cause he respects me. But would that help in a situation where he feels like he doesn't feel wanted? I kinda wanna go for it cause I really like him and I feel like he wouldn't just hit it and quite it.


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  • If you want more physical intimacy, why don't you initiate it? Why do you expect him to initiate everything?

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