Is this girl acting nice to me because I assist her, interested in being friends/friendly or has a crush/interest in me?

She laughs at my jokes

Gave me her personal phone number asking me to call her.

-After I assisted her, she says I’m very helpful and says Thank you and has offered me coffee

-I usually send her an email starting off with Hello and she responds with Hi but once I sent a her an email starting off with Hey and she instant messaged me with a Hey also.

-She saw me at a store and she jumped and screamed my name.

-When I was assisting a friend, she offered to buy me candy. When I declined the offer, she came in looking upset.

-When I pass by and say Hello, she smiles and says Hello back.

When I assisted her, she told me Excellent and No worries.

-She send me an email every three to four days a week and sometimes sends me smiley face emoji

When I arrive she says Hello and when I leave, she says Bye and one time she stood in the corner and said see you later

Tell me to have a good day or have a great weekend in person or through email

She calls me on the phone and tells me to come upstairs to assist her

Called me on the phone and asked if she was bothering me.

Is she
1) just acting polite/nice to me because I assist her
2) Interested in becoming friends/acting friendly towards me
3) Has a crush/interest in me

Do you choose 1,2 or 3 and what is the reason why?


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  • I'm choosing number 1. I don't see anything that makes me feel like she is going out of her way to take a step into becoming interested in you in a romantic way. Has she only said Hi and Bye and completely nothing else? Has your conversations never veered off topic?


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  • Why do you assist her? Neighbors?

    If she gave you her personal number and asked to call you, and then is regularly contacting you through other means, she is interested. Ask her on an official date.


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  • 2. It is a friendship cuz she is interested in u but wants to get to know u first. Most women are not that friendly with me who just assist them.

  • I'd say 3, she seems very friendly and interested and I wouldn't show that much interest in a guy if I DDNT want him to b interested back so she probably wants your attention


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