Signs of a disrespectful man on first stages of dating?

What are the red flags?

Not sending up for you when someone talks down on you or when someone try to con you?

Constantly make you know he nieces other women and in front of you all the time comments on their appearance and face?

Ignores you when you sat next to him and him makes inappropriate comments about how opposite sex looks and shows his excitement.

Is it normal and what makes a man not a trusted one?


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  • "What are the red flags? "

    1. Flirting with other women while he is dating you.

    2. Having " N" number of female friends and always mentioning about them, talking about them.

    3. Showing signs that indicate his intention to cheat.

    "Ignores you when you sat next to him and him makes inappropriate comments about how opposite sex looks and shows his excitement. "

    This is definitely a red flag no doubt about that.

    • What if a guy sits next to you ignores you while starin at other woman and goes wow what this woman is doing or in your face says she is a very attractive girl petite when apparently his mate showed him a pic of a naked random girl? Tells this openly to a girlfriend face

    • Of course this is a red flag

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  • If he gives you gifts too early and too much (more of a sign of an abuser), getting mad over little things, and being mean to waitors or cashiers


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  • If he doesn't care about your feelings.. or embarrasses you in front of others like this, all the time...

    Then even one date is too many!

    • You mean by commenting and ignoring when sees and attached looking on the opposite sex?

  • Bad manners for one

  • I think when he doesn't open the door for you, or orders food for you.

    Those other things I think are signs to look for while in a relationship. I don't see them happening too early on in the dating game. But that could just be me.

  • When you go on a dinner date, you sit down and he farts loudly at the table and then laughs and uses the menu to woft it in your direction

  • If someone is pointing out random girls and saying damn she's sexy, it's a red flag -unless the girlfriend does it as well.

    • If a girlfriend doesn't but a man constantly sayssshe is attractive and comments on her body too?

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    • I've been well aware of that, just reading the question...

    • You think its bad or norm?

  • -lack of manners and general respect ,
    -lack of eye contact,
    -one word answers,
    -not listening to you


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