How to react when your boyfriend cancels to hang out with friends?

Okay. Me and my boyfriend arranged a date, where he would arrive at my place 1 o'clock to quicky have lunch, and at 3 o'clock we would go to the movies. The morning of the date he said he couldn't go at 3, because of transport issues. When we organised transport, that would leave at 1 o'clock, he told me that he couldn't use it because he and his friends already arranged to go to the gym at that time. What do I do?


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  • I've been in the same situation before and here's what i did.. Texted back and said 'i love the bond you have with your friends hopefully someday we can have that too when I'm not just your girlfriend but your "friend" too who you cancel plans/dates for.. Have a great time' or you could just give him a taste of his own medicine and cancel your plans together for your girls. Or you can just be straight forward with him and let him know that him cancelling your date was really hurtful and uncalled for, how would he feel if the roles were swapped. There's so many approaches to this go with what suits you makes you comfortable , personally i went with sarcasm coz when I'm hurt being serious only leads me to say some incredibly hurtful things that i can never take back so pick what suits YOU. hopefully i helped... Good luck.