Guys, would you tell a friends with benefits you loved them but still not want anything more from them?

He told me "he loves me for me" what does that mean? But still won't be my boyfriend because he doesn't see a long term future

This happened to me and I don't get why he would tell me he loves me if he doesn't want me to be more to him


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  • If you love him your relationship with him no longer is a Friends with Benefits. It has become emotional with you. This is pretty common in the friends with benefits relationships. Almost every friends with benefits relationships I have been in ended when emotions became a part of it. The same is true with fuck buddies. It is very difficult to be sexually active with someone over time and keep the emotions out of it.


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  • I think that's a very clear message

    • What is the message? I'm confused - how can he love me but not want me to be official with him?

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    • I don't get why he'd say it though if we re just "friends with benefits"

    • Because he wants you to remain friends with benefits

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