I asked "When can I see you again?" and he said this?

So I went out with a guy last night. Second time seeing him and it seemed to go really well, he even put his arm around me as we sat next to each other at one point of the night. When he walked me to my car, I asked when i could see him again, and he said "whenever you like." My mom wasn't happy with the answer he gave, saying that's not an answer and he's just playing games however I haven't had that response before, usually it's "I dont know." or "I'll get back to you" or something along those lines, so it kind of confused me. So guys what's your take? Is he just stringing me along or is he interested?


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  • He's inviting you to take the next step, he's not stringing you along. He's simply leaving the decision up to you, if you feel like you want to continue.


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  • How did that night go?

    • Went well. We sang Karaoke, and at first we were sitting across each other at a booth, but because I couldn't hear what he was saying, I sat next to him. I tried to be a bit more flirty, you know just small touches on his arm, brushing my leg against his. I dont flirt or when I think i'm flirting, my friends say it doesn't come off as flirting but just being nice. So i had to make an effort. Anyways, at one point of the night he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, if he wasn't doing that he was leaning closer to me. And then the night came to an end. For a moment I thought he was going to kiss me. but that didn't happen.

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    • wasn't planning on pushing anything.

    • Cool! Then you're good

  • I think he means it and he'll just wait for you to call him


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