Half my Tinder matches are from Superlikes?

I'm concerned that women might be interested but my profile isn't showing up.

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  • if you superlike a girl, they actually see that it was you who superliked them and can decide if they like you back or not.

    • maybe they think "might as well" if they already know, you like them. but it´s more likely that they don´t play the game, cause they get so many superlikes anyway.

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    • So they only swipe on their superlikes?

    • yeah i bet. tinder is a sausage fest.

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  • That's normal

  • sites like tinder give guys false hope and make them think they can meet a girl without having to go through the nervous initial meeting. when in reality if you walked up to 10 random girls in public and talked to them I'm sure you'd at least find one willing to give you her number and maybe a date eventually. the reality is the girls on tinder are the same girls in your city in real life.

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