Girls, this girl im dating after the 3rd date changed her whatsapp profile pic to the outfit she wore on the date and put it on instagram, why?

She said she had feelings for me, we kissed, plan to go on 4th date and she wants to take it slow as she been cheated on in the past.

But im getting a bit worried as my fb messengers messages are stuck on sent and she just became friends again with an ex she was with for 3 years.

This ex and her lived together, were engaged, had a dog should i feel threatened or are they just friends?

  • she's Really Into You
  • She Wants people to know she's dating you
  • she's falling for you
  • Trying to win her ex for 3 years back
  • Just liked the outfit
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  • First serious answer on this site: she just likes the damn image get over yourself.

    • fair enough should i be worried about the ex?

    • Yes I would but I'm pathetic I failed my presidential run. You decide if you want to he as pathetic as I am or no.

    • i got no problem her being friends with him! it's just a bit concidental as i ain't heard back and she just added her ex recentlly, she's friends with a few of her other exs

  • Just liked the outfit