How to hint a meetup with a guy long-distance?

We both met at a New Years Eve ball. He was tall dark and handsome and we had a fun time dancing together (not slow, more upbeat dancing).
He got my # and has been constantly contacting me. After 6 months of him texting/calling/skyping, he admitted that he had strong feelings for me.
Note: we live 600mi away, so it's been this sorta LDR but minus dating.

I had told him that I am still getting to know him more and he said he understood if I didn't share the same feelings as him.

That was over text, now we have been talking via phone once a week.

Now I am still figuring my feelings out because it seems hard to truly get to know him without seeing him in person. I really would like to but doesn't look like we're gonna see each other till maybe a year. I possibly have a business trip around his area next year so I don't know if I should tell him about it till after I know for sure.

If it happens, should I suggest we meet up?

If yes, how do I bring it up?


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  • You don't hint you clearly state it that you want to meet and or boff his brains out. Be an adult


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  • Say "hey, we should meet up!"...

  • Do you have money to travel? If yes, it's not going to be that difficult. As for how to bring it up just tell him: "I think we should meet up in order to see if this can work or not".