I like my friends brother. What do I do? How do I becomes friends with him without coming onto him too much?

My friends brother just came over from another country and has been here for about a week. I really like him already and he's really open and friendly. My friend would probably be like... "Um why do you like him?" We aren't supper close but we do talk often so she might find it odd that I would like him. Also we are both 16.


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  • It starts with a simple hello. Work your way from there XD

    • We do talk. I just don't want to be really flirtatious by mistake.

    • Do you have any tips on how I should talk to him?

    • Keep on talking to him then and maybe ask him if you want to hang out as friends and see a movie

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  • Does your brother know? Maybe he could help you out in approaching him more.

    • I don't have one...

    • Oh damn, I am sorry, I misread your question. Can't your friend help you out a little in order to get closer to their brother?

    • lol it's okay. :) I guess but it could be awkward because she is really immature sexually and relationship wise. I talk to him and make excuses to talk to him but I am running out of ideas.