If you had sex oR rromantic memories with someone can you ever go back to being friends?

My new girlfriend once said we were never just friends.. which really bugged me becuase even through we are now dating i still see her as a very close friend my bff in fact. So pretty much am dating my best friend which didn't end will the last time i dated a close friend.. and i hate getting close to people and have tome gone from my life as if we never were friends or ment anything to each other. Which is why i choice my friends carefully and keep a small group of them


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  • In the words of a marriage/relationship counsellor, "It is possible, yes. But it may be difficult."

    So with that being said, I feel it has a lot to do with the 2 individuals and their level of acceptance to this. Meaning if they are receptive to the idea, it is completely possible. It may take some work. But that goes for any relationship.

    • Shit yea its in a new relationship sue was my friend before we dated and i once dated a friend didn't end will

    • Do you mind telling me what happened there?

    • To make along story short her parents forced us to break up she cried for awhile didn't stand up for herself. I tried fighting for her which made it waste she end up meeting someome half way through the break up which didn't work will in the at first but since her parents liked him it made her life 100x better then when she was with me... so she give up on us even through she did cry and said i didn't nothing wrong and parents forbid her from talking to me. So yea it ended like that

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  • I think it would be hard for me to be friends with a ex

    • For some it is hard am only friends with 1 ex but didn't love her all too that much but really cared for her.

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  • it's possible, but very hard to do

    • Really? means i drop the ball then

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