So I gave this response to a guy on okcupid how to be funny you do think he likes me?

I said this:
don't get ahead of yourself to be funny you have to be random and its make sense. For example I don't get why people love dogs so much they literally shove their balls in their mouth like its skittles and only love you for food. I mean if anything they love balls more then you because they get more action then you every day

Okay well first of all im preety sure any animal gets more action then me and second WTF!‚Äč

I thought it was funny what you guys think?


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  • definitely not what i'd consider funny~ maybe it would work if we knew each other well, or if there was context/a reason for you to say it. but, as it is now, it just seems like you're 1) immature, 2) trying too hard, or 3) both.

    (ps: he might think that you telling him what to do is nagging, which is not attractive.)

    on an unrelated-but-still-kinda-related note, my man and i met on okcupid too lol.

  • That's kinda stupid.