Girls, Birthmarks unnatractive?

This ones for ladies, and Please be honest. Do you find that birthmarks are gross or make a man unnatractive?

I have a birthmark on my neck and its pretty big, it covers about the half of my neck its on and is red. I've had people say its cool looking (rarely) but I've had a lot of people ask me why i have a giant hicky lol.

I don't know but i just feel like it might have a reason to do with the fact that a lot of times when i meet a girl, we hit it off but then suddenly seems uninterested.

Be honest please, does a birthmark put you off?


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  • I would say it depends on the size and how it looks like overall.
    I have birthmarks on my chest, though they are not as big. But that does not bother me.

    But again, it would depend on where it is and how big it is. etc.

    • If its on the neck?

    • It's hard to say when I haven't seen it.
      I would say no, but it might be hard to imagine.
      Sometimes it's just a question about getting used to it and then it might be a trait I start liking.

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  • I have a small birthmark at the very bottom of my cleavage, my fiance calls it my on/off button! lol

  • It only puts me off if it's on the face, tbh.

  • Not at all.

    • Sorry, I didn't mean to send that yet. I was going to elaborate and say, unless, perhaps, it was particularly swollen or disfiguring or something, then no, I don't think it would have any effect on my level of attraction for someone. In fact, I mer a girl one time with a huge port wine stain across the entire right side of her face. I'm straight, so it's not like I'd be attracted to her, but objectively I can say that even with her birthmark she was absolutely gorgeous. I don't know why the same wouldn't apply to anyone else with a noticeable birthmark :)

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