Would you want a small/neat baby bump or a big pregnant belly?

girls, which would you choose from the above?

guys, what how would you want your woman to carry your baby?

  • I'd want (me/her) to have a neat bump.
  • I'd want (me/her) to have a big belly and show of the new life we made.
  • I'd never want (me/her) to be pregnant.
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  • I'd want (me/her) to have a big belly and show of the new life we made.

    • Nice, I'd want a big belly too :)

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  • I have a small baby bump. I've gained less than 10 pounds throughout my entire pregnancy, so far. At 35 weeks, people don't realize how pregnant I am and often push me too physically. The doctors even wonder if I'm eating well, or if the baby is growing well, but my uterus is the right size for my amount of weeks. The doctors just like worrying me unnecessarily. Small bellies are kind of a pain with all of this in mind. However, I'm not worried about my baby. I was a small baby too. Big or small
    what matters is the baby's health.😔

    • as long as baby is healthy that's the main thing! I'm like you, petite and was a small baby. Only recently found out I'm pregnant so I just thought I'd ask this question and see what people thought :)

    • Congratulations!!! I hope you have a very smooth pregnancy and truly have the pregnancy glow 🌞

  • I'd prefer to have a smaller bump. Seems much more comfortable and practical.

    • True. I'm petite so guessing I'll have a small bump.

  • I would like to have the first one, but knowing my luck I'd have the second option.

    • I'd quite like the second I guess. There's something beautiful about a woman in her child bearing form.

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    • Yeah, my sister-in-law is like 5'2" and petite, so having a bigger bump just hurt. Ideally, it can be beautiful to look at perhaps, but actually going through it... I'll take a small neat one haha.

    • Yeah I don't blame you! Haha 😂