Are you realistic about who you can get?

Few years ago (3 to be exact around graduation) i wasn't sure if i would ever attract any girl but i worked hard to improve mentally and physically and after a year that changed, here i am 4 years later, a University student. girls in my major think iam the most attractive (out of 200 students of which about 90 are guys), girls i pass by stare at me, very beuatiful girls (easily 8.5+/10 ) have and keep showing lots of interest in me, its safe to say attracting a hot girl is not an issue , but still...

I dont think i will actually end up with a gorgeous girl. sure i didn't date some girls cause i wasn't attracted to them physically that much but iam realistic i know a gorgeous girl will never be mine for few reasons ( feel free to disagree but since it always plays out like that in real life, at least in my life i feel thats how it is ) :

guys who date such girls are :

1- have a house
2- nice car
3- have money, no need to be rich but they have enough money to buy a nice car and house
4- comfortable life style.

i have none of these and iam not even close to having that yet. so iam realistic i think i can get a pretty girl who has a decent personality ( i hope at least) , but no matter how many truly gorgeous girls i attract i simply will not be able to date them as they require more than looks.

what about you? iam sure every guy and girl want that very good looking partner that turns heads, but lets be realistic like 80% of you will never get there, so how realistic are you?


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  • Actually it happens quite a bit. I've seen it.


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  • If you have a career and and goals you are striving for, that is enough for 99% of the hottest women. They value effort and dedication far more than actual material goods. If you are a graduate earning $25k a year starting salary they don't care if in the next 10 years you are aiming to become the 6 figure guy - even if you don't make it the effort is what is important.

    Hell, it doesn't even have to be money, if you're an athlete or artist as long as you chase your dreams they'll flock to you - its the never give up attitude that women LOVE.

    Also don't forget attraction is a whole package, if you have stunning looks you need less of the other things to make the whole.

    • yes i do agree with everything you said but at 21 i still have a tleast 3 yeasr to graduate and there are guys far more succeesful than me, women my age or slightly younger usually look for such guys, not saying i can't get pretty girls but the ones i've met so far have all been taken , i am never the first guy, every hot girl i meet already has a boyfriend and they are pretty young like 18-22 which makes me think that such girls know exactly they've got the looks and secure themselves with succeesful men from the start, so really how hot a guy is, is kinda irrelevant if she has a boyfriend.

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