Is this girl interested or just playing me?

Alright. This might be a long one, but I need help on this.

So I've been dating this girl for about a month now and have been on about 6 dates. We have long conversations and seem to enjoy each others company. The problem is that we have not kissed or done anything romantic yet.

Her actions show she is interested in me. She initiates texts half the time and I the other. She wore a nice dress when going out for sushi. She even invited me to her place and made us dinner and then I returned the favor and we had dinner at my place a week later.

But her behavior in person show she is not interested in me. Her body language has her often times not facing me and she avoids eye contact on most of the dates which frustrates me. She does not act very flirty or touchy and we kind of just talk and hang out. She laughs at my jokes and smiles though.

I told her that I like her and like the dates we've gone on. She told me that she wants to take things slow but has not told me if she likes me or not. She could be shy because I believe it to be her first relationship with a guy. So maybe she likes me but is not very experienced at how to show it. I'm fine with taking things slow, but it's becoming taxing on me as I feel like I'm the one who is pulling the relationship along. It's just tough to continue along without any real reactions from her on how things are moving along in our dates. I'm also worried that she's just stringing me along for now to keep herself occupied. Like she could just be "practicing" talking to guys with me and how dating works.

So, I'm wondering if I should ask her what her true feelings are for me? Or is that a bad move for dating and ruin any chances at all? Let me know what you think of my situation and if there are any questions that I was not clear on, I will give more details. Thank you!


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  • I think it's better to just let her know how you feel and ask her if you feel the same way. Honesty is better- stop beating around the bush and saves you time to know whether she is into you or not


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  • You may be right, may be she is shy and is taking things slowly but then not getting any positive reactions from her is not really a good sign, that might indicate that she is confused and doesn't know what she really wants. Yes it's possible that she is keeping her options open.

    I think you shouldn't ask her what her true feelings are about you, because it's been only a month give it some time.

    Yes, you can some more details, may be I can give a better reply.

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