I have been dating a guy for a month and I think I pushed him away by being to clingy. I want to turn the tables real quick back to when he wanted me?

I am very new at this dating shit but I may have messed up by being to clingy. He really likes me but by me wanting to spend more time with him I come off as clingy. I am a very ate active lady, 47, but look like 35. He's 43, but I need some coaching and something that really impacts me to stop this clingy behavior. Turn the tables around quickly so that I will have him coming to me once again.


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  • If you pushed him away, you messed up. Time to move on. The best "revenge" is being successful. Karma will come back to get you, if you do elsewise

    • I am not exactly sure if I pushed him away completely. What I said was we only see each other once a week. Followed by I am trying but I am not sure if I am cut out for this dating stuff. His reply was do what you need to do. So at that point I left it alone. Mind you this is done by text messaging. Last night was the first night he didn't say good night via text message.

  • Give him some space for starters, is the sex good? If you are good at that then he won't leave so easily, just try not to act all needy and desperate around him

    • Yeah, the sex is amazing. Fact is he sent me a text the next day indicating that he felt my love and hopefully I feel his love to.

    • I don't act desperate around him. It's when we are apart that things seem awkward. I am very pretty, flirtatious and fun when I am with him and he is always reaching for my hand so I know he likes me. It's just I want him to spend more than one day a week with me. Not just having sex.

    • Well that's a good thing, maybe just need to communicate more on certain things , ask to be honest about anything troubling him between the two of you

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  • I think you should stop texting him for some time. If he wants you, he will message you on his own.

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