Why is he treating me like I don't matter?

I met my best guy friend, this time last year, he meant a lot to me, was there for me when my husband was deployed, my mom died and when my son was in the hospital. My sister and him started a "fling" and she got completely jealous told me to stay away from him. I talked to him about it, and he told me he loved me but really didn't caring either way saying do what I want. it's between me and my sister. I said OK, and I'll call him in a few days and we'll figure things out then.

I saw him last night at a club and before I could even say anything he ran away. like ran straight out of the club. I called once and he didn't return my call and I really don't wanna pressure him. and I now I don't even know what happened. I care a lot about him, even love him,

My sister states he was using me, and maybe he was. but a year of always being there to ignoring me doesn't seem right. my sister and I aren't close. There's a rivalry on her end. So I am not sure she lied on me to him to ruin everything or if I hurt his pride.

What could have changed that he wants nothing to do with me, when he was my best friend for so long? He changed overnight almost.

he refuses to talk to me


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  • That the risk if you try friends with benefits with a friend you risk losing it, it gets weird and awkward...

  • I would try to talk to him about it


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