How would you feel if the person you were dating said they were feeling ' sad, lonely and tired'?

We've been going on dates, it isn't anything serious at all. We've been friends for a while. Everything was going ok. Yesterday he said something needs to change because he is bored and lonely.

He said he was considering going back to his old ways when he was kind of a player. However he still ended up feeling lonely. He doesn't think there are much good women left that are on the same page as him.

Then he went on to say he thinks he's going for the wrong women and then be rants about dating women with children (i don't have kids btw). I kinda felt like I didn't really exist since be overlooked the fact have been getting close recently.

He is the one that has been pulling out all the stops to try and impress me, so I'm confused. It just leads me to think that he isn't that into me or playing some kinda game to see my reaction? It was really odd... My friend thinks he's either retarded or this is his way of saying I'm not like all the other women.


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  • im not much of the kind of person to want to save anyone , i have enough problems without having my partners problems all piled onto me , but if they said they were feeling this way id take a look into their life to see what the problem is and as long as the person was willing to do everything to make the changes to feel better , in your case i think this person is lacking in something and was trying to use you to fill the void , fact is humans can't fill personal voids in themselves with other people, this is his problem and it seems like he needs to go do some soul searching (he most likely wont) and find out why he feels so shitty and lonely , this is not your responsibility to heal him nor can you, if you stay with him your life will be filled with feeling inadequate and hel most likely cheat on you to try to fill this loneliness and boredom he feels. this is one of those relationships that isn't going to work out... you can change people and people can't get happiness from other people, it has to come from inside themselves first.


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