I'm convinced that online dating is a waste of time no matter what... What do you think?

Okay so I got bored put some effort into my bio and used an obscure model for pictures but made it remain believable and... It was as if I didn't change a thing.

I don't know what these girls are looking for... A Unicorn?

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  • No keep trying
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  • Go to different places and try different things... Meet someone in person
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Online Dating is Not for Everyone. It all depends on the Person and if it is Right for them, and it has even Worked for them.
    I have done Online dating for a few years now, and I have had Good Luck. And a few years before that, a man on FB who was from Egypt had found me on there and we then had started a Whirl Wind Romance by Chance, where Eventually I Hopped on board and went Abroad. On Second trip to see him, we ended up Tying the Knot.
    I know even on Gag, there are a few couples who have Met and Some who have Gotten married here, dear.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

    • Online dating is different terrain for girls and guys... Girls get more matches because guys have lower standards and some are desperate.

      Not saying it doesn't work but it just feels so tedious if you are not a male model.

    • Thank you for the Like and being so polite, hun. I agree. I have had plenty of guys tell me on this dating site I belong to how Scammed they have gotten but I have Not gotten Scammed myself so this tells me some poor Guy with an hones Try sometimes gets the rough end of the stick. However, there are plenty of girls out there who are looking for a nice guy and not just for his looks but for Who he is Inside as a man and a person. xx

    • Thank you, hun, for the Vote of Confidence. xx

Most Helpful Guy

  • Go to different places and try different things... Meet someone in person

    • Lol girls have no idea what it's like online dating as a guy - the lack of options, the lack of interest... And so on. (Yeah they have to deal with a different type of bullshit but that's not the point)

      The poll is clear indication of that because no guy is going to disagree (unless that guy is a model) all guys are going to pick either option A or C.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Well, I think it depends. Some people are not able of meeting someone in person. They get too nervous, they don't know what to say, they are insecure about their looks etc...
    So, online dating works for them.
    But, I think it's better to meet someone in person. It's easy to lie on the internet and you never know if they're real.

    • It feels like a slow painful process, I need to start going out to the city.

    • If doesn't work for you, then yes, you should start going out.

  • It depends on the person. It works for some, and for others not so well. One of my bfs found someone on Pof, and their relationships and feelings for eachother grow stronger everyday. I tried to go on the site and try online dating, but unfortunatly its not for me. I've been single 5 years, and I really want someone. Everyone around me well majority of them are all boo'd up, and I'm that one friend that stands alone. I hate being single. I want to be cuddled, kissed, touched, and told genuine things from someone who means it. Like I want to invest my time into someone and have someone want to do the same for me. I want to have something special. It just seems so far away right now. I'm sad that online dating was not what I hoped it would be. Also I wish you luck on your search. It is frustrating, but she will come eventually.

    • Thank you, yeah online dating is frustrating because not a single one of any the people I was really drawn to has been interested in me... The only people I seem to get an opportunity to date are women I wouldn't go for or try to seduce if I seen them in person.

      I crave the same things you crave but the women I'm attracting are just not that appealing to me.

      What were you looking for from online dating?

      I do want a relationship but hell I'd settle for some flings or one night stands but none of the girls who actually answer back and are will to actually meet are that attractive to me. So wtf am I suppose to do lol I guess keep trying and look for alternative ways to meet women.

    • Your welcome. Oh my really? That's very unfortunate. I totally understand what you mean completely. Wow really? What sites have you used? For me I just, there were too many douchebags/creeps, and it just wasn't going anywhere. I figured what's the point. I totally understand. I was looking to have a friendship which I wanted to eventually blossom into relationship. I was seeking that attractive male with great personality traits who had goals, and somone who was as serious as I was about finding someone. Somone who could hold a conversation, and etc. Right, exactly like if your going to be with somone and potentially take things further that attraction definitely has to be there. Right, exactly. Yes definitely keep looking for alternative ways, because she is totally out there.

    • I've used tinder and pof... Both have pros and cons but I don't really like the selection/format.

      The most attractive and interesting girls I've met lately have been by different means (like in person, through friends) but on dating sites you know they are looking and are at least somewhat interested in you if they are talking to you.

      One thing that bugs me the most is when I see a girl I find very attractive online but there's no way of making her match with me are talk to me... That's why going out in person is way better because I can just be courageous and make a move right then and there (hence why I need to go out more).

      I think it's clear what I have to do...

  • For me, I found it to be a waste of time. No one that I was matched with really seemed to want to date for a relationship, just a hook up and I'm not in to that.

    • You are a rare find

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    • @Jack32 I still have hope that there are those out there that want something more.

  • Its not even you, the fuck do you expect?

    • Got bored wanted to try an experiment... Maybe the dude I look up to in the looks department isn't good enough.

      But that's besides the point, I don't know how people succeed on it. I don't know what to try, I not going to give up on dating but for it feels like trying to meet a partner online is fruitless.

    • Be yourself, post a picture of yourself, dont be creepy

    • It doesn't matter though... I can't do much if I'm not matching with anyone.

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, it is a waste of time.

  • You actually had to try it first in order to figure that out?

    • Well, I wanted to see what would happen if I pretended to be model... It was pretty underwhelming.