Should I text my ex? Read! Interesting?

Long story short. Me and my girl mutually broke things off after dating for 2 years. She saw a girl randomly text me and she got upset. She demanded to go home and we both agreed we shouldn't talk anymore and move on. She was pretty mad about it all. We've been on and off lately. Id do the no contact rule and usually the 3rd day she'd beg for me back. But Since the last break up, It's been 8 days now without any contact. She hasn't tried talking to me. Last thing I knew is that she blocked my number. I know she cares a lot still. The reason for the fights is because I caught her texting another guy recently and I made a big deal out of it (who wouldn't) and I know she finds the guy attractive and she works with him but now this guy seems to be in a relationship with a different girl. She claimed they were talking about work but when I asked to see she refused. She favorites things on social media like "I try not thinking about you but your all I think about" and other small things that I can tell she cares deeply but is hurt. I'll admit I did do wrong in the relationship. I didn't treat her like I should've at first but I started fixing myself. She gets upset over the smallest things. She also said its hard to trust me.. But during this past week, I've changed and realized how much she means to me and will treat her like a princess. I just don't know if I should try contacting her so soon. I read online that you should give around a month break and allow things to cool down and don't rush back into it. But I know we both miss each other. What should I do?

i tried texting her earlier but I'm still blocked. I was thinking of texting her off a different phone and telling her how much I changed and that she deserves nothing but the best and will be treated like a princess. I would also mention if she really doesn't want to continue with me then I'll leave her alone forever. I don't know if this is a good idea or not. Or if it's too early... Help please

Update: she's favoriting tweets on social media like "she misses me a lot" and "when u try to tell urself u don't need him but u know damn well he's all u think about." she's acting like I left her. Unless she misses me and thinks it's the right thing to do or something. Or is this hinting I should message her


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  • Well i ain't reading that crockass.
    Do whatever the fuck you wanna do

  • No I don't think she wants you back because she loves you but because she has no one else


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