Would you date older partners?

guys: would you ever date older women?

and girls as well : would you ever date some one who's really older than you (like 10 years 4 example)

why? or why not?


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  • As long as it's legal it's fine in my books. Older women tend to be far more secure in their bodies and therefore more sexually satisfying. They have a lot to teach the younger men of today's generation.

    If you're a younger girl then I would definitely suggest taking caution when entertaining older men, simply because older men tend to have a more superficial sexual intent. If you're okay with this, then at least be safe about it.


    ~ Robby

    • U're totally right we should be cautious within any relationship.. I like ur way of thinking =)

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  • Sure. I once dated a woman 11 years older than me. I guess these days she'd be called a Cougar. It was fun... but, honestly, it was just about sex. Which, when I was 21, was a lot of fun. Not relationship material, though.

    • Ohh I see it's a little bit crazy though :p lol

    • Yes. Crazy. She taught me things that my wife really appreciates these days. In fact, what she did do for me was make me realize that I wanted my future wife (and now, wife) to be as much of a whore in the sheets as she is lady in the street. She became my benchmark for wild sex partner and I didn't stop looking until I found a wild sex partner I loved and married.

    • Woow yeah sometimes we can learn from people and things that we thought not useful and stuff lol anyway all the best for you and ur wife ^^ may god bless u

  • yes if she has money...lol


What Girls Said 1

  • Most guys my age tend to be extremely immature. So I wouldn't mind dating someone who's 26 or 25 years old. Though I wouldn't trust him right away. I'd have to find his reason for dating me, other then attraction. If I consider that he doesn't see anything else in me, the relationship wouldn't be possible no matter how much I liked him. =/

    • Yeah that's exactly what I think : tennagers now are mostly immature ! <3

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