What does it mean when a girl tells you not to call her “baby”?

I was dating that girl that I like so I called her “baby” over text, so she replied to me: “I’m not your baby ;)” (with a wink). Does it mean she’s not romantically interested in me, or does it mean that she wants to take things slow?


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  • I hate it when people call me baby... Just something about it really irks me.

    • Yes, & you never know who else he's calling that. Nicknames are universal, PLUS, it's impersonal...

  • It means she wants to take things slower. There is NO way in hell I would send a wink emoticon to a man that I don't like... IF she's a healthy functioning female, that is.

    • I did the exact same with a man that I really like. I told him to call me by my name rather. It took him a while, but he ended up doing it. :p

  • aha it's just probably embarrassing for her, she's still interested in you, don't worry~.


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