Guys, If you're intimidated by a girl?

It implies that she's quite attractive, right? I mean I don't think a guy would get intimidated by an average looking girl?

Also, are these signs that a guy is intimidated by you:

- He stares at you from afar but never approaches you or talks to you
- He gets quiet whenever he is around you but is otherwise very talkative and outgoing
- He's quite comfortable talking to other girls and will even hug them etc..
- He tries to be around you all the time.. even finding excuses for it
- He blushes when you talk to him and stands a little far away, makes exaggerated hand movements and gets speechless


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  • What you do with this info?

    Ask him out?
    Try to flirt a lot?
    Wait until he does it (maybe never)?

    I think you should just ask him out anyway or flirt a lot if you like him. It doesn't matter what he thinks.

  • I think I'm confident enough not to be intimidated by any girl. I don't think looks have anything to do with it. If anything, it's a girl's attitude.

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