Is something wrong with me?

I'm 18 years old and I have never had a boyfriend. It isn't due to lack of opportunities but because I am always rejecting other people's feelings even when I also feel something for them. Sometimes I'm the one who likes them and back away once they start liking me back.
Am I afraid of something?


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  • are you afraid to be in a relationship?

    why do you reject people who like you even if you like them

    • I don't know the reason I just get cold feet, like I don't feel comfortable enough

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    • I really appreciate your opinion thank you very much!

    • no problem. best of luck

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  • u have fears in you

    • What type of fears? What do you mean?

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    • dont stress it, accept this situation and not think it a lot. Sooner or later a guy will get into you trust me, and believe it or not this issue is to your benefit. Be different than rest lol be unique

    • I already know I'm pretty unique jk
      Thanks 😊 I appreciate your opinion I will try doing as you say!

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  • Maybe you just dont want to get hurt, maybe your friends have gone through a lot. In my case i just didn't want to be in a relationship i was sick of all of that and pushed guys away (i was like this 3 years) until one guy just was diferent and showed more interest in me.

    • I don't remember any situation where my friends got hurt in their relationships, and that affected me
      I'm happy you could overcome that 😊

    • Haha thanks if you like you can message me and get to know you alittle more to help you see what caused this :) i said that usually because people see others suffer and just perfer not to go through that

    • Thanks I would appreciate it 😃

  • If you're constantly rejecting people you're into, yes there is something wrong with you. I know the feeling by the way.

    • And did you overcome that feeling? What did you do?

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    • I get... cold feet and I start thinking that it will never work, so I make sure it doesn't happen. It's hard to explain.

    • I can relate to that , it happens to me too