I'm confused on if this guy likes me or not?

I started talking to this guy a few weeks after I found out my former boyfriend cheated on me numerous times. He was cheated on by his ex and I knew him from school. We just started talking on the phone and then we talked more and more. He said that he was not running from me but towards me. He then was falling for me but was insistant that I come down to see him (14 hours away). He is completely differnet but then shorly before me coming down he was saying this might not work and then he goes right back to how this is great! I almost did not come down to see him. Then I finally come down and that night we slept together and then the next day he doesn't talk to me. His roomates were nice to me but i'm down here bored when he is at work. We started talking more but he told me he doesn't feel all the connections. I explained to him that this takes time. I told him how upset that I was because he didn't even treat me like a friend more or less a girlfriend. He doesn't sleep around and I told him what I am like. Today we had a better conversation and he told me that he has never been with a woman who is so caring or affectionate. Then instead of me coming on to him he came onto me. What the heck and he doesn't want me to date anyone when I go home. He is not a player and I don't know what I should do. I thanked him for the nice morning and he said that tomorrow we can do it again. We are laughing again. I get the feeling he is scared of falling for me. I know I am much prettier and kinder than his ex. Should I be playing more hard to get? I don't know and I know how badly I was hurt in my prior relationship. I wish this was not so confusing to me. I like him but I also a scared but I want to have fun. He wants me to go to a wedding in October when he comes home. Or maybe this just needs more time. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • You slept together and the next day he didn't talk to you. You said that he told you that he doesn't feel all the connections. It sounds to me that he got what he wanted with the sex and is just stringing you along. I've been in a very similar situation before. He's probably just playing you. You can try playing hard to get but because you gave him sex, he might see through it.

    • I was worried about this honestly. He did tell me that he does not want to lead me on but I think he still is sending mixed signals. He is a very nice and honest man but I am thinking that he might just not be ready or he is scared. I don't know how to act other than being myself.

  • I have a short attention span?

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