:( Why do I feel rejected even though I haven't been rejected yet? Has anyone else felt this way before?

Well the title says it all. Have you ever felt a sense of rejection even though he/she hasn't rejected you yet?
I was wondering if this was a weird complex I have or if it's a normal thing people go through.

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  • I believe this feeling happens when we read too much into things. I've felt like this before. But in cases like these, it's best to get certain and just go about your life.

    • yeah, fuck her. I got better shit to do with my life than worry about some hoe. Thanks for the motivation @springocelot

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  • Yeah I've felt this before. Usually when I feel like this I just bite the bullet and ask the guy out then he rejects me and I'm like "yeah I called it before it happened. Good for me"
    Basically I throw shit at the fan lmao so when the rejection does happen I don't feel anything

  • Yes. I am texting this guy i like, but it is me who always text first... i enjoy talking to him, he makes jokes, we flirt, but if i do not text him, he doesn't... so i feel like he is kind and does not want to hurt my feelings or smth (even though he said he likes me a lot, he does not ask me out, plus, i tried to, and he said he did not want to go somewhere because it was his day off and he was lazy)
    i feel like **it

    • quit texting him for a while. if he doesn't text you, then you know where you stand with him.

      I too once texted a girl first, all the time. She never texted first, we never dated even though I liked her, but as you can guess she didn't like me.

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