Guys, Why is he ignoring me?

Long story short, I started asking my guys friends how well they knew him. I ended up talking to a girl who used to talk to him in a romantic way but come to find out he stopped talking to her when he started talking to me. Well she started talking to me (long msgs about everything, then changing her story) So she was clearly upset & sent him a message (I have no idea what exactly she said to him) but she claimed to have confronted him about me. He didn't even say a word to me, just blocked me so we couldn't talk at all. I msgd him a different way 2 days later & he opened the message, read it then blocked me again. When he could have ignored the message but he chose to open it. What the hell? I keep being told essentially that after some time he will come back around but what the actual fuck did I do wrong? (Idk if this matters to anyone but he is a Cancer & sometimes they do that) but anyways will he ever contact me again & explain anything to me? Or am I just gonna have to write him off forever? I just don't understand. Any advice is welcomed & appreciated. Thanks!


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  • you never met him right, online only? so he "flaked" after the other girl talked to him.

    what did you message say? I can't stand blocking, it is so immature and lame. his reaction is lame. my guess is he comes back, but who knows. People will freak at different stages, but have to keep communicating. Keep trying for a short period of time, nicely. If doesn't work, then cut the line and move on. Maybe give it a week or two.

    • Right, I think he got embarrassed cause I found out he used to talk to her. This is all very immature indeed! I just wanted some answers.. I felt so weird about it. I feel like he'll be back too but if or when he does, I may not even care at that point. Thanks for your reply, I think after a couple weeks he will & if not then good riddance. It was just very puzzling.

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    • your welcome Hulk girl:)

    • :) Well its been a week & he still has yet to respond but I'm slowly getting over it. Its hard when he acted like he had plans for us. But it is what it is. I just wish he would say something even for closure. This just not saying a word to me is what bothered me the most. He deactivated his account but randomly comes back. I don't think he has anyone else to talk to tbh. Well he did this to himself so whatever.

      Again your opinions are ever so helpful and I am grateful! Thanks for listening too

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  • he does what every man must do. right him off allready for his shake

    • Thanks... This is so fucked up. I mean everything was amazing & then this had to happen. Its not fair.

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