What's with people on here getting butt hurt when you give your take on a question pertaining to their life?

It seems people want you to tell them what they want to hear otherwise your wrong. I see this more in relationship questions involving people who in there mid to early 30s who barely or never dated before. Should I put a disclaimer on that I lived life and wasn't sheltered? Does anyone else see this?


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  • Some people are sensitive <--------------------- mE!

    • So I should just give a response as something you would like to hear instead of the truth?

    • Maybe for some people. I actually like it when someone tells me the truth even if it hurts.

    • That's what I was saying in the question. It seems everyone on her wants to be put in a safe zone and coddled. They need to learn how the real world works.

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  • Maybe there question wasn't answered the way they wanted it to be answered. Like asking a question looking for support instead of actually looking for an opinion. They want to be told what they wanna hear and when someone says the truth they aren't very happy. I don't know that's just what i think.

    • It's an answer to a question. like you said I guess a lot of people want to hear that they're right instead of the truth.