Why did he bring me into the conversation?

I don't get it, he came sat to the table next to me, said hi to me, asked me how i was doing, and silent afterwards. Until one of his friend sat with him and they started to talk. I was just scrolling facebook, not listening to w. e they were saying. Then he goes "I'll probably need A to pick me up" *starts laughing and looks my way*, it was a joke between us. And I was laughing then i ask him "wait where are you going to be?" And he told me the event that he was invited he had a ticket blah blah blah i was like ok and went back to Facebook so he went back to talking with his friend. Why would he bring me into the conversation? I literally looked stupid cause i had no idea what they were talking about.


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  • Maybe he drew a blank on what to say and felt more at ease when his friend came over or it could have been a plan between him and his friend to get you involved and notice them and get asked out

    • Ok that first part you said sounds more reasonable haha! That last part sounds weird for older guys to do that. He's probably 25+, in his late 20s going to 30.

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    • Thanks for answering my questions!
      Sounds like he's probably waiting for a conformation from me? Or I'll probably need to ask for a date for this to go anywhere then?

    • Sure why not , nothing wrong with that

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  • It was his attempt in order for you to notice him and engage into conversation with him.