Girls, My ex girlfriend of 9 months keeps going back in forth, she said she is so confused and can't even understand herself?

I've dated this girl for awhile and everything was great got along with the family she always expressed her love for me, and how much she really enjoyed being with me. She said I was the best boyfriend she ever had. I did everything better. Apparently the course of time she said she "lost feelings" for me and didn't find me "attractive" anymore which I know she was just saying these things out of the blue. We broke up and 2 weeks later we talk and have sex just once and she is saying how much she missed me and how great it was to be with me. We had a great time, but she said she just needs to think. A week later we go out for dinner she is all over me taking pictures, hugging, kissing, all of that was there. Even caught her just staring at me at times and she said I looked really good. Dinner she was telling me she still loves me is interested in me just thinks we should take it slow and not jump into anything, which I totally agreed to. So dinner was a success end of night she is still all over me kissing. We say goodbye. After that she just got really slow at texting. She said she was going to call me Sunday. Never did. She then text me saying everything she said at dinner was true she just needs a break. A couple days later after not seeing her for like 3 or 4 days she says she can't do it anymore."she is not happy with me"(lies) She is "done". she was laughing and smiling and having a great time. I know she isn't talking to anybody else or anything, she told me. She is very honest. seems so confused what is going on? Her family has had issues. Parents going through divorce. Just a lot to deal with I know it bothers her. I helped her out with all of that. We've been broken up for like 3 weeks but in between talked and went out for dinner. Now we're not talking it has been like 3 or 4 days. What is she doing? Will she comeback eventually? I know she still cares about me because she wouldn't have said all of that at dinner. Help me!!


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  • I'm sorry dude but you should try to let her go. She's not stable enough for a serious relationship and you can't let her play with you like this anymore. She's making up excuses. If she really needed time to think, she wouldn't talk with you anymore. When I took a break from a toxic friendship, it took me A YEAR to start talking with my friend again. Because we needed to sort shit out for real. Your ex is just playing around, probably for attention because she feels insecure about herself and her family situation.
    Let it go, she's not ready and you shouldn't let her do these things to you.

    • I know. I'm not talking to her now, but I just know as time goes by she will contact me.

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