Do commitment phobes ever come back?



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  • I used to be one of those kind of and I don't know. I had that phobia because I imagined myself as a bachelor and wanted to be with as many women as possible, not just sexually but I absorbed new interests, adventures, stories to tell, from each woman I met. Traveling to new places in the world seemed dull in comparison to each woman I dated. The true adventure came from being with a new woman for me.

    The thing that took me out of the phobia was meeting a girl who cured me of it. I couldn't resist her company, missed it all the time. Compared to the slew of women I had been with previously, they all seemed rather meaningless in comparison.

    I can't imagine ever coming back to a woman I left behind. If I left her, it was in search of something new. I hope that's not too harsh, but I don't think a commitment phobe who has left is likely to come back. The cure for commitment phobia is really finding something so special that it makes everything else look poor in comparison, making it seem like finding something better in the future is impossible. And such a thing is not likely going to be abandoned at any point.

    • The only reason I can think for a commitment phobe to come back to a former lover is "settling". For example, if he never thought she was that special (only way he could abandon her in the first place) but, in his further adventures, came up empty-handed or only with worse results. That's kind of a sad and pathetic reason to come back though.

  • why commit to a woman. thats absurd.

    • Why do you feel that way?

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    • Do you think that would change if you met the "right" girl?

    • the right girl /white prince/princess is an illusion. you just cope with what you have and both try to make the best out of it.

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  • I doubt that.