Has anyone clicked with someone and the person went m. i. a?

Has anyone had clicked with someone were your having conversations for hours. But then all of a sudden they go ghost on you? Would you prefer to be with someone who you have good convos with or someone you can't hold one with at all?


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  • Yep this has happened me. I'm grateful for it happening too because something better always comes along when someone just vanishes like that. I would prefer to be with someone who I can have good conversations with, otherwise it just wouldn't work at all.

  • Has happened to me, met a guy i liked and could keep up with my sense of humour. Then a few months after he falls off the grid. I found out that he ghosted me because he was starting to catch feelings for me and so he stepped back. I respect that and life goes on.

    • Wow really

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    • They say we are complicated but guys are worst than us to figure out.

    • Tell me about it. Story of my life lol