Can A guy be in-love with one girl and still like another?

In my case, I am the one he likes. After having a conversation about whether the two of us were talking to other people, his response was that "it's complicated". He later on told me he was still in-love with another woman but yet, still liked me. He even wants to continue talking to me. I just want to know if I should let him go and keep it pushing? Or continue to talk to him and see what happens? We're all in three different states since he just left for school. He's a genuine honest guy, so I don't believe he's trying to play anyone. I just need some insight.


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  • It is 100% possible:
    I may want to date one girl but still be very good friends with another one.
    You can keep talking to him but don't expect or lead the conversations to the relationship topic because as we've understood he does not want a relationship.
    Hope I helped!


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  • That is possible -unfortunately-.